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Rescoden Limited


Rescoden is a complete representation of all your technological requirements. We offer services ranging from customized software development, web applications, networking, computer training to all other computer services. Our years of providing customer requirements and our all-round experienced staff put us in the position to get you exactly what you need. Today, Technology plays a really large role in the success of any business. Our specialitity is providing Enterprise Resource Planning to all forms of organizations.

Why Use Computer Software

    In a fast driven world where speed and accuracy is the core mark of any successful business one cannot ignore the use of software. Some people have the notion using software is expensive and for that matter they are still bent on using their old way of doing business. You haven’t tried RESCODEN, Cost isn’t a factor now. So what next should be your worry? User support and maintenance? forget about these, RECODEN is bent on providing its customers the best of service and software which requires less or no user support, computer literacy should be the least of your worries, as long as your are able to make and receive a phone call you are capable of using a our software.

Special Services


We Offer 24/7 user and technical support to all our clients We build new systems and tailor already built systems to suit your needs We love and cherish our clients; why won’t you choose us Our systems are available for online use, offline use and offline-online synchronization We give you the best deals in system performance at affordable prices; you can’t beat that Our work is based on uniqueness, honesty and customers’ joy

Latest Projects

Rescoden School Management System Rescoden Human Resource System Rescoden Point of Sale System