Enterprise Resource Planning

Rescoden Enterprise Resource Planning

We are living in a day one cannot undermine the power of Information technology when one seek to take lead in such a competitive era. Good Software are being developed day in and out to handle peculiar issues, accounting software, Human resource, inventory, sales, academics for the various departments. But ERP combines them together into a single, integrated software program that runs on a single database so that the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other. We are capable of managing every aspect of their business right from Read More...

- Financial accounting: General ledger, fixed asset, payables, receivables, cash management, financial consolidation
- Management accounting: Budgeting, costing, cost management, activity based costing
- Human resources: Recruiting, training, payroll, benefits, diversity management, retirement, separation
- Manufacturing: Engineering, bill of materials, work orders, scheduling, capacity, workflow management, quality control, manufacturing process, manufacturing projects, manufacturing flow, product life cycle management
- Supply Chain Management: Supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, order to cash, purchasing, inventory, product configuration, claim processing
- Project Management: Project planning, resource planning, project costing, work break down structure, billing, time and expense, performance units, activity management
- Customer relationship management Sales and marketing, commissions, service, customer contact and so on.
- Academics: Terminal Report generation, Generate Reports/Transcripts, Statistical and Graphical view of all reports, Statistical and chart reports, a better analytical view

School Management System

Rescoden School Management System

  • Unique ID/Photo upload facility
  • Comprehensive admission form
  • Multiple guardian addition facility
  • Emergency contact facility available
  • Previous education details can be recorded
    Human Resource
  • Manage all employees from admission to exit
  • Manage entire payroll efficiently
  • Customizable and robust payroll form
  • Authenticated payslip approval system
  • One click payslip approval and reject facilities
  • Employees welfare management system
  • Comprehensive Fee classification system
  • Separate fee collection date designing system for faster finance process
  • Easy analysis of fee defaulters and fee structure available
  • Manage and Pay instant fees
  • Manage entire expense and incomes
  • Customize and manage different category of expense and incomes
  • Different Report generation facility
  • Automatic transaction facility are available
  • Manage Asset and Liabilities
  • Manage Donations
  • SSNIT/IRS setup
  • Ledgers
  • Daily Financial summary
  • Report of final Accounts
  • Trial balance extraction
    Manage Users
  • Search for any users using the search bar
  • View profile of all users based on the roles
  • View/Edit users password and privileges
  • Set privileges to users as per their roles
  • Allows organization to set standards for different roles based on their responsibilities
  • Activate SMS module
  • Terminal Report generation
  • Generate Reports/Transcripts
  • Statistical and Graphical view of all reports
  • Statistical and chart reports, a better analytical view

Point of Sale System

Rescoden Point of Sale System

  • Sales/Transaction Analysis
  • Inbuilt Auto/Manual Functioning Accounting System
  • Stock Level Alert
  • Daily Summaries Report
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Report
  • Profit And Loss Account
  • Report On Ledgers and Charge Summaries
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Sales And Transaction Analysis And Comparison
  • Suppliers/Customers’ Report
  • Stock Report
  • Graph on Sales Depreciation/Appreciation
  • A Dozens Of Other Reports
  • Multi-User Support
  • Customer/Supplier Tracking
  • Allows Sales On Credit
  • Customer Credit Management
  • Supplier Transactional Management
  • Online/Offline Use
  • Online Synchronization
  • Auto/Manual Backup

Human Resource System

Rescoden Human Resource System

Improve your workforce productivity and customer satisfaction by using our HR systems. It gathers every detailed information about employees from time of recruitment to retirement. We understand the dynamics that arise in different organizational structures and so we are ready to tailor our system to suit the very nature of facility.

Web Design & Application

Rescoden Web Design & Application

We build appealing websites at affordable prices. Upon request and by our analysis of your business operations, we also develop web applications of all forms. As with all of our systems, you are assured of complete system maintenance. Our experienced and technical staff are also capable of giving advice as to helpfull schemes that will put your business in the lamplight.

Accounting Software

Rescoden Accounting Software

Our accounting system is amoung the best you can find on the market. It's simplicity completely reduces your calculation work-load and delivers your accounting reports just by the click of a button.

Hotel Management System

Rescoden Hotel Management System

Our hotel management system caters for all features including front desk, online reservations, point of sale, employee management and many more. Although it is an offline system, it is the finest and there is also room for and online-offline synchronization with between the offline system and the online reservatioin.

IT Training

Rescoden IT Training

Rescoden has experienced instructors who are very able to patiently deliver I.T. tuition to individuals and institutions. We teach with hands-on practicals to make sure you acquire the requisite knowledge. Corporate environments that looks to train their staff in computer literacy, the microsoft environment and general technological knowledge should look look no further.


Rescoden Networking

Rescoden builds durable and lasting networks for all sorts of purposes. Our expects analyses your environment and busisess and offer the best of technical advice to builds networks the suit your needs. You can trust and leave us with decisions as to building wireless or cable networks.

General Software Development

Rescoden General Software Development

Our ability to build all sorts of software are no fluke. Our systems standout for user-friendliness; far above anything you have ever seen. Our main focus is putting in place unique systems. We analyze your operations, offer exclusive technical advice before creating your required software. When it comes to issues of maintenance, we offer terms and conditions that oblige us to ensure the reliability and sustainablity of any system we deploy.